Composition of the Academic Council

1. Principal Capt. B.P Hota
2. Member Secretary Sri B. K. Samal, Reader in chemistry.
3. All Heads of Departments English, Odia, Philosophy, Education, Home Science, Sociology, History, Political Science, Goelogy, Economics, Sanskrit, Psychology, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science & Bio Technology.
4. Experts from outside nominated by the Governing Body Dr. P.L. Panda, M.B.B.S, Dompara, PHC, Dompara Prof. A.K Pattanaik, P.G Department of History, Utkal University, VaniVihar Sj. P.C Rai, Academic Director Er. S.S. Mohapatra, PWD., Heads of Department, Govt. of Odisha
5. Nominees of Utkal University Dr. P.K Sahoo, Professor, P.G  Department of Chemistry Dr. Sadasiv Pradhan, Professor, P.G Department of Ancient India History Culture and Archaeology Dr. Samson Moharana, Chairman P.G Council Utkal University.
6. Four Teachers of the College nominated by the Principal Dr. D. Mishra. Reader in Zoology Dr. P.K Mohapatra. Lecturer in Education.

Functions of the Academic Council

  • To scrutinize and approve the proposals(with or without modification)of the Boards of Studies with regard to the courses of study,academic regulations, syllabus and modification there of instructional and evaluation arrangements.If the Academic Council differs on any proposal,it has the right to return the matter for reconsideration to the Board of studies concerned or reject it after giving reasons to do so.

  • To make regulations regarding admission of students to different programmes of study in the college.

  • To make regulations for sports,extracurricular activities,proper maintenance and functioning of the play grounds and hostels.

  • To recommend to the Governing Body, proposal for institution of new programmes of study.

  • To recommend to the Governing Body, institution of scholarships, fellowship, prizes and medals and to frame regulation for their award.

  • To perform such other functions as may assigned by the Governing Body.