There is a Board of Studies for each subject, consisting of the following members in each department.


1. Head of the Department Concerned Chairperson
2. Faculty Members of the Department
(Maximum five)
3. Two subjects experts from outside the college nominated by the Academic Council Member
4. One subject expert to be nominated by the Utkal University Member
  The Chairperson can co-opt other members with approval of the Principal.


  • The term of the nominated members shall be for two years, or till such dates as they shall continue as to be members of the staff of the college whichever is earlier.


  • To prepare syllabus for various courses for consideration and approval of the Academic Council.
  • To suggest methodologies for innovative teaching & evaluation techniques.
  • To suggest panel of names of college teachers,in service or retired fit for appointment as Examiners to Academic Council.
  • To coordinate research,teaching,extension and other academic activities in the college.