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Sl No. Department Name Head of the Department Contact No Email ID
1 BIO-TECHNOLOGY  Shri Sushanta Kumar Satapathy 7008474618 satapathycool@gmail.com
2 BOTANY Sri. M.R. Sahoo, M.Sc 9178841093 botany@bankicollege.ac.in
3 CHEMISTRY Miss. Seelpa Patnaik, M.Sc 9937544176 chemistry@bankicollege.ac.in
4 COMMERCE & FINANCE  N. Mohanty, M.Com, M.Phil, LLB 9861516360 commerce@bankicollege.ac.in
5 COMPUTER SCIENCE  Dr. M. R. Mohapatra, MCA, Ph.D 9861716430 computerscience@bankicollege.ac.in
6 ECONOMICS  Raja kishore Pal, M.A, M.Phil 9938341140 palrajakishore@gmail.com
7 EDUCATION Mrs. Jyotirmayee Padhi M.A 7008479083 education@bankicollege.ac.in
8 ENGLISH Dr. Pradeep Kumar Debata , M.A, M.Phil, Ph,d. 9937541248 english@bankicollege.ac.in
9 GEOGRAPHY Sri Arijeet Mishra, M.A 8763151750  geography@bankicollege.ac.in
10 GEOLOGY Sri J.K. Kanungo, M.Sc 9938778358 geology@bankicollege.ac.in
11 HISTORY Sri. Joginath Malik, MA 9937326867 history@bankicollege.ac.in
12 HOME SCIENCE  Capt. (Dr.)  S. R. Mohanty, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 9040290406 homescience@bankicollege.ac.in
13 MATHEMATICS Mrs. G. Nayak, M.Sc, M.Phil 9439970711 mathematics@bankicollege.ac.in
14 ODIA Dr. Santosh Panda, MA, Be.d, Ph.D 8637259087 odia@bankicollege.ac.in
15 LOGIC & PHILOSOPHY Mrs. M. Dhir, MA 9437276446 philosophy@bankicollege.ac.in
16 PHYSICS Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahoo, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 9438843050 physics@bankicollege.ac.in
17 POLITICAL SCIENCE Sri. S.C Deo, M.A, M.Phil 9437164129 politicalscience@bankicollege.ac.in
18 PSYCHOLOGY Dr. M.D. Rath, M.A, Ph.D 9853552815 psychology@bankicollege.ac.in
19 SANSKRIT Shri T.N Das, M.A  9437844225 sanskrit@bankicollege.ac.in
20 SOCIOLOGY Mrs. C. Mishra, M.A, M.Phil 9938778358 sociology@bankicollege.ac.in
21 STATISTICS Diptismita Jena, Msc, M.phil 9439356052 statistics@bankicollege.ac.in
22 ZOOLOGY Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, MSc, M.Phil 9437317659 manoj64subhasini@gmail.com