Dr.(Mrs.)Nibasini Panda



Educational Qualification
Sl No. Qualification Year Of Passing Subject(PG onwards) Name of University
1. M.Sc 1984 Chemistry Ravenshaw
2. M.Phill 1986 Chemistry Berhampur University
3. Ph.D 1996 Chemistry Berhampur University
 Seminar/Conference/Symposium/Workshop Attended
Sl No. Seminar / Conference / Symposium / Workshop Name Sponsorning Agency National / International Paper presented / Subject of the Seminar
1. Seminar Chemistry P.N College National
2. Seminar Environmental Impact Assessment polices National
3. Seminar Waste Utilization and Pollution control Department Lebel
 Whether awarded Ph.D
Sl No. Title of the Thesis Name and Address of the guide Year of Award Name of the University
1. “Kinetics and Mechanism of some less known Reactions” 1996