Full Name: Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu

Designation: Lecturer 

Date of Joining: 29.07.1997

Department Name: Physics

Contact No: 9438843050

Email ID: saroj9a@yahoo.co.in



(In descending order)
Sr. No Qualification Year of Passing Subject Name of the University
1 Ph.D 2017 Physics Utkal University
2 M.Phil 2004 Physics Utkal University
3 M.Sc 1993 Physics Utkal University
4 B.Sc 1991 Physics Utkal University


(In descending order)
Sr. No Title Year of Publish Name and Address of Publisher ISBN/ISSN No. Text Book / Reference Code
1 Asymmetric Nuclear Matter, A Variational Approach 2008 S. Sarangi, P.K Panda, S.K Sahu, L.Maharana, International Journal of Modern Physics B. Vol – 22-P, 45244537    
2 Asymmetric Nuclear Matter with Pion Dressing, 2010 S. Sarangi, P.K Panda, S.K Sahu, L. Maharana, International Journal of Physics, Vol – 84 (4), P 431-447    
3 Low Density Instability in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Using Pion Dressing, 2015 S.K Sahu Journal of Modern Physics, Vol-6, P-1350-1359    
4 Finite Temperature Asymmetric Nuclear Matter with Pion Dressing 2015 Saroj Kumar Sahu, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Vol 3 P-1308-1315    
5 Superdense Stellar Matter and Neutron Starts. 2016 S.K Sahu, L. Maharana, currett Concern, Vol-4, P 39    
6 Conference Proceeding, Asymmetric Nuclear Matter- A Variational Approach 2009 CMT-31, Vol-23, Page 236-249    


(In descending order)
Sr. No Project Title  Sponsoring Agency  Duration Project Status Amount of Grant
1 Nuclear Matter and Study of its properties in Compact Stars F.PSO 029/09-10 One Competed 31000.00


Sr. No Title of the Thesis Name and Address of the Guide Year of Award Name of the University
1 Finite temperature Nuclear matter and study of its properties in compact stars. Prof. L. Maharana Pro. P.K Panda   2017 Utkal University