Bachelor of Arts, Sc, Commerce Examination

(Three year Degree Course)

Duration of Curriculum and Academic Calendar:

The Three years Degree Course leading to the Bachelors Degree Arts/Science/Commerce of Banki Autonomous College is spread over a period of three academic years. Candidates for the Bachelors Degree in Arts/Science/Commerce is required appear the following examinations.

First Year.1st Semester/2nd Semester
     Second Year3rd Semester/4th Semester
Final Year5th Semester/6th Semester
  • A candidate for the Bachelors Degree in Arts,Science,Commerce Examination shall be required to register himself as a student of the Utkal University.( Any student admitted into Banki Autonomous College is a Registered student of Utkal University.)
  • Each academic year shall be divided into two Semester-1st Semester (June to December) and 2nd Semester (January to June) the 1st semester shall ordinarily being June and the 2nd Semester shall ordinarily being in January. However, the 1st semester (for newly admitted student) may be a little later depending on completion of admission formalities. The number of teaching weeks in each semester shall be 15(fifteen) to 18(eighteen) with a minimum of 90(Ninety) teaching days excluding the period of examination.
  •  Each year the college shall draw out a calendar of academic and associated activities which shall be adhered to. The same is non-negotiable. Details of curricula and syllabi shall be decided by the Academic Council with provision for need based modifications.
  • Duration: The duration of the undergraduate course shall be governed by the regulations of the Banki Autonomous College that may change from time to time. As per the prevailing regulations, the duration of the undergraduate course is three years (six semesters).A weaker student can complete the undergraduate course in not more than 5 years from the year of the admission.
  • Admission to the Course in Banki Autonomous College, Banki All sanctioned seats in BAC are Honours seats.
  • A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of the CHSE Course, Odisha or any other qualifying examination recognized by the CHSE, Odisha or equivalent there to, may be admitted to the 1st year of this course provided that a student shall not be admitted into Degree Course in Science, Unless he has passed the qualifying examination in science.
  • Application for admission shall be received within 15 days (including holidays and Sundays) of opening of the college after summer vacation or the date of publication of results of the qualifying examination by the CHSE, Odisha whichever is later. The admission of the selected applicants shall be completed within four weeks (including Sunday & holidays) of the publication of results without fine.
  • Candidates who, for some valid reasons, are unable to take admission within the time prescribed under regulation 2.2. Above, may, however, be admitted within two weeks (including holidays& Sundays) from the last date of admission with a late fee as prescribed. The Principal shall intimate the names of such candidates and the dates of admission and shall remit late fee collect to the University in one lot within two weeks from the date of such admission.
  • Candidates, who have taken admission, on payment of the late fee, shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of such admission.
  • Candidates passing the instant Higher Secondary Examination of CHSE,Orissa,May be admitted within two weeks ( including holidays and Sundays) after the publication of their result A candidates so admitted shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of his/her admission.
  • Admission to the Second and the third year course shall be completes within two weeks of the re-opening of the college without waiting for the publication of results to First & Second or Third and Fourth semester examinations respectively.Provided.The students may be admitted to the second and third year as the case may be ,within a further period of two weeks, including Sunday and holidays, on payment of a late fee as prescribed by the Academic Council of Banki Autonomous College,Banki.
  • Provided further that students who have not appeared the end term examination (1st semester and 2nd semester) due to shortage of attendance or any other reason shall be allowed to take re-admission in the same year at the beginning of the immediate subsequent academic session subject to the availability of seats or competing with the fresh applicants.
  • Not-withstanding anything contained in the preceding regulations in the event of opening of new subject in the college,the date of issue of such order shall be taken as the date of publication of result of the CHSE,Odisha,for the purpose of admission,there to
  • A candidate whose results of Higher Secondary Examination are published late by the Examining Authority may be admitted in to the college within two weeks of the publication of his/her result depending on the availability of seats provided that no student can be admitted into 1st year Degree class ,beyond 31st August of the academic year concerned.

Change of Subject (s):

  • A candidate who has been admitted only in to 1st year degree class with particular subject(s) or combination of subjects may be allowed to change of subject(s) or combination of subjects by the Principal within 15days of the last date of admission or latest by the commencement of 1st internal examination However, change of Honours subject is never allowed.

Eligibility to appear at Examinations:

  • No students shall be permitted to appear at any examination,whose name is not registered in the register of matriculates submitted to University.
  • Before being admitted in to the examinations, a student must have to register himself/herself for the examinations in the college.
  • Every student to be enrolled for the examinations shall have to pass qualifying examination, if any, prescribed for the purpose.
  • No student shall be permitted to sit in the examinations unless result of his/her internal assessment examinations,annual certificate and certificate of conduct have been received by the Controller of Examinations. Exceptional cases shall be decided by the principal on the merit of each case.
  • No students shall be eligible to appear at the end term examinations unless his/her performance in the internal assessment examinations is satisfactory. The eligibility of students shall be determined by the Principal in consultation with the staff Council.
  • A student shall be eligible to appear in an examination provided he/she pursues a regular course of study of six months and attends at least 75% of classes in each subject during each semester. The attendance shall be considered from the date of admission of the student in the Institution. The schedule of classes shall be notified through a time table before the beginning of the classes in each semester. Attendance record must be compiled at the time of each internal examination. The students with less than 75% attendance shall be notified as to give them scope for improving their attendance .The parents/guardians shall also be informed of the same to ensure satisfactory attendance by their wards.
  • The Principal shall condone the shortage of attendance of students, who remained absent from classes on medical reasons to the extent of 15%.Provided that the Principal may also condone shortage of attendance to a further extend of 10% in respect of students who have remained absent from classes on account of participating in NCC, NSS/Cultural activities etc.in the interest of the college, University or/and the state. No student with less than 50% of attendance shall be allowed to appear at a semester examination. Attendance shall not be insisted for a student who represents the country in any of the activities as mentioned above.
  • A student shall be admitted to any examination in a subject only if hr/she has registered for that subject and paid registration and prescribed examination fees in the beginning of the semester.
  • A candidate shall be eligible to fill up his/her from the semester examination only if he/she has appeared internal assessment examinations. In case a candidate remains absent in thee internal assessment examinations on the ground a medical treatment of self /death of parents/ attending N.C.C. camp outside college-participating in state and national Athletics meets/any activity related to glory of the college, he has to take prior permission of the Principal and will appear a special internal examination. A failed candidate in internal examination may appear the special internal exam to clear the examination.
  • A candidate shall be allowed to sit in a semester examination only after he/she is issued an admit card for relevant examination.
  • A student shall be automatically promoted to the even semester after enrolling/appearing at the odd semester in each academic year irrespective of the performance of the examination concerned.
  • A student who is promoted to the next higher year with backlogs in the previous year shall be permitted to appear at an examination for the backlogs provided he/she fulfills the conditions 4.6 & 4.7.

Rules for Examination, Mode of examination, and Duration of Paper.

Components of the examinations. Theory, Practical, Seminar, Project.

  • Before each semester examination there shall be one internal assessment both in theory and practical as the case may be (subject having practical will have internal assessment in practical.
  • Marks of the internal assessments shall be taken into account for semester examination.
  • The examination in each stream (Arts/Science/Commerce) shall be conducted by means of written papers.
  • There shall be a practical examination in all subjects in which practical is a component.
  • There shall be seminar presentations and project work in all Honours subjects carrying marks are prescribed in the course structure. Those marks shall be taken into account for semester examination.
  • The duration of examination for each theory paper carrying 40 marks shall be 2 hours and for paper carrying 60 to 80 marks, shall be 3 hours. The course contents of the paper shall be designed accordingly by respective Board of studies.
  • The maximum duration of the practical examination in a semester shall be six hours irrespective of marks.
  • The duration of the internal examination for each theory paper carrying 10 marks shall be 30 minutes and the theory paper carrying 15 and 20 shall be one (1) hour.
  • The duration of the internal examination for each practical paper shall be 11/2 hours.
  • The duration of the seminar presentation will be decided by the department concerned as per their suitability. Seminar performance will be evaluated by a committee of teachers of the department concerned. The Seminar presentation carries 20marks for non practical subjects and 10 mark for practical subjects.
  • Each candidate shall undertake project under the supervision of a teacher of the department concerned. There should be a Co-supervisor, if the project is inter-disciplinary. The project carries 20 marks for Non-Practical & 30marks for practical subject. Submission of project/seminar report for a student binding. The project paper shall be evaluated by both external and internal examinations. If a student fails to submit any one report of the above he or she shall be declared failed.
  • The laboratory note book of each candidate who has a subject, in which there is practical examination, shall be inspected by the examiners who shall take into consideration whether it contains the date of the experiment, signature of the student and initial of the teachers with date of experiment.
  • At the end of each semester, there shall be an examination (herein after called end term examination) conducted by the college as per the programme announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  • In order to clear an examination a candidate is required to squired to secure 30% marks in a pass/compulsory subject ( Theory) ,40% in each practical,50% in seminar and 50% in project work.
  • Questions both in semester and internal examinations shall be a combination of long type/ short type.
  • Units from which questions will be set in the internal examination shall be a notified a week before the examination.

Pass mark and classification of successful candidates:

  • Aggregate mark for passing the degree shall be sum total of the aggregate of all the semester examinations taken together.
Pass without HonoursA minimum of 30% in each subject in the 1st change and a minimum of 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Honours and less than of 45% but not less than 36% in Honours subject.
Pass without Honours and DistinctionA minimum of 30% in each subject in the 1st change and a minimum of 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Honours and a minimum of 50% in aggregate for pass and Honours subjects combined.
Second Class HonoursIn addition to Second Class Honours a minimum of 50% marks with Distinction : secured in subjects other than Honours in first appearance.
First Class HonoursA minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Honours and a minimum of 60% or more in Honours subject.
First Class HonoursIn addition to First class Honours a minimu of 505 marks with Distinction & rank:Secured in subjects other than Honours in first appearance.
  • Class will be awarded on the following basis.
  • In each of the above examination for subjects having practical, a candidate, in order to pass must have secured a minimum of 30% of marks in theory papers taken together in a subject and a minimum of 40% ,marks in practical paper other than Honours subject, provided he/she has secured the minimum aggregate marks.
  • In each of the above examinations for subjects having practical a candidate in order to secure Honours, must have secured a minimum 
  • of 45% of marks in theory papers taken together and a minimum of 45% marks in practical papers taken together in Honours subject.
  • If a candidate is marked absent in any sitting of an examination, such a candidate shall have to reappear in that paper (s) ,subject(s).
  • A candidate failing to secure a minimum of 30% in a subject and a minimum of 40% in each practical paper either in the First Semester, Second semester, Third Semester, Fourth Semester, Fifth semester and Sixth semester examination may be allowed to appear for improvement in those subject(s) in not more than two chances (examination) immediately following that examination for which he was first registered, to clear the back papers on payment of prescribed fees.
  • However, if a candidate, who has not cleared an examination, may at his option, appear in all papers of that semester examination under the following conditions:
  • Marks secured by the candidate in that semester examination earlier and candidate.
  • After exercising the option to appear in all papers of an examination, if a candidate fails to clear that examination, he/she will be required to appear in all the papers of that examination in a subsequent chance within 5years of first registration for First semester examination.
  •  If a candidates has appeared in back papers in the first chance and all the papers in the second chance also has failed,such a candidate can appear at that examination ( in all the papers) under new course only within 5years of 1st registration to First Semester examination.
  • If candidate fails to secure the pass marks in the aggregate ( under regulation 6.2) he/she may reappear in one or more subjects/papers of his choice from either the first Semester, Second Semester, Third Semester, Fourth Semester, Fifth Semester and Six Semester examination to make up the deficiency. This chance shall be available to a candidate in maximum of one subsequent chance (examinations) only following the examination in which he/she was first registration but within 5years of 1st registration of First semester examination.
  • Candidates who have been duly admitted to B.A/B.SC/B.Com( Honours) ( Three year Degree Course) examination of Banki Autonomous College under Utkal University and have obtained only a second class (Honours) or passed without Honours can reappear at any examinations for the honours paper only without taking CLC and with the following conditions.
  • Provided if his/her choice to improve the result within two subsequent chances (examinations),on application submitted to the Principal. The higher of the marks in each paper shall be taken in to consideration for determining their results and divisions.However, Distinctions, if earned, by the candidates shall not be affected by improvement examination under the clause.
  • Provided that a candidate shall be allowed to improve his/her performance in theory papers only and only once after passing the B.A/B.Sc/B.Com.( Three years Degree Course) examination of Banki Autonomous College.
  • A candidate who wishes to improve performance in Honours shall be required to fill in application forms and pay the requisite fees accordingly.
  • The expression subject shall include all the papers comprised in the subject.
  • Provided further that in no case a candidate shall be allowed to appear any examination after 5 years of first registration to First Semester examination.

Mark Distribution:

The mark distribution in B.A/B.SC/B.COM.( Honours) examination shall be as follows.

Honours1st Year( 1st& 2nd Semester)2nd Year( 3rd& 4th semester)3rd year( 5th& 6th semester)Total Marks


July to DecemberJanuary to MayJuly to DecemberJanuary to MayJuly to DecemberJanuary to May
1st Semester2nd semester3rd semester4th semester5th semester6th semester
Comp.Eng 100(80+20)Comp M.I.L 100(80+20)Comp.Eng 100(80+20)Comp M.I.L 100(80+20)Comp.E.S100(80+20)Comp.I.S.C100(80+20)
Hons P-I 100(80+20)Hons P-II 100(80+20)Hons P-III 100(80+20)HonsP-IV 100(80+20)Hons P-V 100(80+20)Hons P-VI 100(80+20)
EL.A-I 100(80+20)EL.A-II 100(80+20)EL.A-III 100(80+20)EL.A-IV 100(80+20)EL.A-V 100(80+20)EL.A-VI 100(80+20)

(Internal Assessment Examination on 40( 20+20 ) marks shall be split in to project with 20marks and seminar with 20marks.)

( Honours papers in Psychology, Education and Home science will be 60+15( Theory 7 20+5 (practical) pattern like Science subject, in 6th semester, Internal Assessment Examination with practical components on 40(15+15+10) marks shall be split into project with 30 marks and seminar with 10 marks.)

N.B:- El. – Elective, Hons. – Honours, ES-Envermental Science, ISC-Indian society and Culture

  • B.A Honours: The Course structure and marks distribution of B.A. Honours shall be as follows. A candidate in B.A Honours shall offer one Honours subject carrying 1000 marks and two elective subjects besides compulsory subject. Each elective subject shall consist of two papers each carrying 100 marks; Subjects with practical components shall have 75% theory and 25% practical.
  • A candidates shall choose two elective subjects, each carrying 200 marks (without any practical component) from among the following subjects:Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Land Mark of History, Mathematics, Home science, Psychology, Education, Sanskrit,Philosophy and Sociology.A student offering an Honours subject in Political Science,Economics,History, Mathematics, Home Science,Psychology,Education,Sanskrit,Philosophy and Sociology shall not be allowed to choose electives in Indian polity, Indian Economy and Land marks in Indian History, Mathematics,Home science,Pshchology,Education,Sanskrit,Philosophy and Sociology respectively. A Candidate shall be allowed to choose elective subjects other than his/her Honours Subject.