SL. No. Name
1. Principal Capt. B.P. Hota
2. Governing Body Nominee
3. Sri. R.K Pal


  • The terms of nominated members shall be of two years or till such date as they shall continue to be the members of the staff of the college whichever is earlier.


  • To prepare the budget estimate relating to the grants received/receivable from UGC, Government and Non Government sources and from fees etc, collected from students and place the budget in G.B from approval
  • The FC shall fix limits of total recurring and non recurring expenditure of the year.
  • No expenditure other than provided in the budget shall be incurred by the college without concurrence of FC
  • FC shall prescribe the Admission Fee, Tution fees and other sessional fees to be paid by the students.
  • The FC Shall recommend the rates of remuneration & remuneration & honorarium to various persons considering the suggestion of concerned committees.
  • FC shall scrutinise the accounts of the college and be responsible for audit compliance.