There are four general hostels namely ‘Rani Sukadei’ & Maa Charchika for girls and ‘J.B Hostel’ , ‘L.N Modi Hostel’ for boys which provide accommodation as detailed below.


  1. Rani Sikadei Chhatri Nivas – 200 seats for girl students
  2. Maa Charchika Chhatri Nivas – 150 seats for girl students
  3. J.B Hostel – 60 seats for boy students.
  4. L.N Modi Hostel – 120 seats for boy students.


  • Students, who desire to reside in the Hostel, will have to mention it clearly in the application from under the appropriate head.
  • The selection for admission to hostel is made according to merit and conduct, after admission into the college.
  • Only natural guardians are allowed to leave their wards in the hostel and fill up their visitor forms which are available in the Hostel Office.
  • Students living in the hostel will be considered to be under the direct control of the Superintendent and Principal.
  • Allotment of seat is made by the Superintendent.
  • Hostel furniture duly numbered, shall be issued to the boarders and the boarders shall be held responsible for any damage. In case of damage to electric installations, the boarders shall be held jointly responsible.
  • The roll call & attendance will be taken daily after the evening prayer at 5:50 pm  in the dining hall by the Assistant Superintendent. All the boarders should be present at the roll call and in the prayer class.
  • The boarders are required to get their electric bulbs.
  • The study hours are 6.30 am to 9.15 am and 6.30pm to 9.30 pm.
  • No boarder shall go out of the hostel campus without the permission of the Superintendent.
  • Authorised visitors are allowed to visit the boarders in the hostel during visiting hours :

Monday to Saturday 4.00pm to 5.45pm (ii) Sunday 8.00 am to 5.35 pm

  • The hostels remain closed during the Puja vacation and Summer vacation.
  • All letters and communications to and from the boarders will pass through the Superintendent.
  • Absence from the Hostel continuously for one month will lead to forfeiture of the seat in the Hostel.
  • The Superintendent has the power to punish any boarder for breach of discipline.
  • Students may be expelled from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent for violation of Hostel Rules.
  • The boarders are required to have meals only in the Hostel mess. No cooking in the rooms is allowed.
  • No boarder is allowed to keep mobile phones with them.
  • With prior permission of the Superintendent a guest is allowed to stay in the hostel only in emergency.