The Library Committee  shall comprise

  • Principal as Chairman – Ex-Offico
  • One Senior Teacher to be nominated by the Principal as Executive Chairman.
  • One senior teacher from each discipline to be nominated by the Principal by the Principal as member.
  • Prof. In charge of UGC matter
  • Librarian (Senior) as Member Secretary – Ex-Officio.


  • One Year


  •  The Library Committee  shall formulate policies pertaining to purchase and procurement of books, journals, magazines, periodicals, furniture, equipment and stationaries required for the library and reading room.
  • Library Committee shall make regulations regarding issue and return of books, etc..
  • The Library Committee  shall recommend proposals for weeding out irrelevant stock and introducing new material for approval for Governing Body.
  • The Library Committee  shall submit proposal for modernising and computerising Library.
  • The Library Committee  shall be responsible for smooth running of Library.


  • The Library Committee  may meet at any time depending on the requirement and such meeting shall be convened by the Secretary in consultation with Chairman/Executive Chairman with at least 48 hours notice. Fifty percent of the total members shall constitute the quorum of such meeting.