• The Governing body shall ordinarily meet at least twice a year. The Secretary shall convene the meeting with not less than seven clear days notice and shall submit the proceedings of the meetings to the President soon after the meeting. However, extra ordinary meetings can be convened in consultation with the present as and when necessary.

  • Seven members shall from the quorum for a meeting of the Governing Body.

  • In Case of need for voting, each member of Governing body shall have one vote. The decision at the meeting of the Governing Body shall made by simple majority of Votes. In case of tie the president shall have a casting vote.

  • No motion or resolution shall be moved in the meeting of G.B. If not pertaining to the agenda.

  • Every meeting of the G.B shall be presided by the President and in his/her absence by a member chosen by the members present from amongest themselves.

  • Decision may be made by the G.B through circulation of the appropriate resolution among the members. Such decisions shall be deemed to have passed provided that at least 7 (seven) members of G.B record their view in affirmative.