College with potential for Excellence

The Governing Body (GB) shall be principal statutory body in the management of the college and shall make all decisions and shall have the following power.

  • To manage and administer the revenue and properties of the college.
  • To create teaching and other academic posts, determine their member eligibility, criteria as per the norms of U.G.C and fix their elements in consultation with F.C.
  • To create all posts other than academic and to decide their term & conditions and to make appointment to such posts.
  • To approve the fees and other charges payable by the students of the college as prescribed by the F.C.
  • To approve scholarship, fellowship awards prize etc instituted by Academic council.
  • To appoint auditors for the ensuring years.
  • To appoint committees as may be necessary from time to time for different purposes.
  • To approve the new programme of study leading to Degree and Diplomas including self-financing course programmes.
  • To open an account in the name of the college in one or more scheduled banks and to lay down procedures for operation of the Account.
  • To issue appeals for funds and to receive grants, donations contributions etc. for carrying out development work of the college.
  • To raise a corpus through donations for the purpose of instituting fellowship scholarship and awards to deserving students and teachers and endowments for such purposes as may be suggested by AC.
  • To make provisions for building premises, furniture, furnishing equipments appliances and gadgets and other facilities required for the college.
  • To maintain a find of sources such as:
    • The grants provided by Central/State Government
    • Fees and other charges received by the College.
    • Grants, Gifts, Donations received by the College
    • Money received from any other source from time to time as may be decided by the Principal with approval of the F.C and G.B.
  • To maintain accounts and other relevant records and to prepare annual statements of Accounts including the balance sheet of previous financial year.
  • To approve the code of conduct of examinations including entrance tests for admission to various course programmes as proposed by the Academic Council in Honors level.
  • To approve proposal for management and maintenance of hostels of the college.
  • To approve the rate of remuneration, honorarium, T.A/D.A/C.A and incidental expenses related to examination, moderation, tabulation and for such person as appointed for the purpose of examinations as recommended by F.C, E.C and Academic Council.
  • To do such other acts of to make such decisions as may be necessary for smooth and effective management of the College.