Sri Niranjan Mohanty


Educational Qualification
Sl No. Qualification Year Of Passing Subject(PG onwards) Name of University
1. M.Com 1987 Accounting and Incom Tax Utkal University
2. M.Phill 2004 Commerce Utkal University
3. LLB 1993 Utkal University
Seminar/Conference/Symposium/Workshop Attended
Sl No. Seminar / Conference / Symposium / Workshop Name Sponsorning Agency National / International Paper presented / Subject of the Seminar
1. Seminar Financing Agriculture Sector of Odisha UGC National
2. Seminar Entrepreneurship Development role of DIC on UGC National
3. Seminar Powering growth through service sector UGC National Powering growth through service sector
4. Seminar Disinvestment of Public Enterprises UGC State Label
5. Seminar Role of IT in Education Process UGC National
6. Seminar Wild life conservation UGC National
7. Seminar Corporate Social Responsbility UGC National Social Reporting anew Dimention to Corporate Social Performance
8. Seminar Strategic Marketing for Sartainble Enterpreneurship UGC National
9. Seminar Corporate mergers and Acquisitions ICWA-KOLKATA Department Label CORPORATE MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS ITS PRESENT
10. Seminar Corporate Re structuring UGC Department Label corporate serials FUTURE ITS IMPORTANCE IN PRESENT BUSINESS SEINARIO
11. Seminar Infrastructure Development UGC Department Label development infrastructure base in a means to industrial promotiom
12. Seminar Agricultural UGC State Label
13. Seminar Financial Incusion UGC National Finantial Inclusion and growth through poverty alleviation