The College library, as a vital centre for study and research, is of invaluable help to the students. It is responsive to the needs of the students and it subscribes nearly 34 national & international journals & periodicals. Now with added privilege of audio visual unit in the college the teacher looking forward to electronic information sources & supports in order to expand their academic horizons. The library is enriched with 51450 no of books strength from 3490- 480L from 2006-2012. There are 34 journals & 10 newspapers subscribed for the reading room which functions from 8 AM to 8 PM. The students are provided with reference books, and text books. Internet facility available in the reading room separately for girls & boys.



The College Library (100' x 56') contains more than 44,550 text and reference books.

The Library remains open on all working days from 7.30 am to 4.30 p.m.

The period after 3.30 p.m. on every working day is set apart for office work of the library.

Only the staff and students of the college and persons with special permission of the principal may use the library.

No book should be taken out of the Library without the knowledge of the librarian.

Borrower must examine the condition of the books before the issue; otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later the presumption will be levied against the borrower.

Books borrowed from the library must be returned to the librarian and to nobody else.

Write or marking should be made in the library book and no pictures or pages be removed or otherwise disfigured. In such a case the borrower may be asked to replace the book.

Persons in the library or its neighborhood are expected to observe strict silence.

The library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting books and periodicals of the library.

Any other articles such as bags, brief cases, personal books, umbrella, and radio sets should not be brought into the library premises.

Spitting, smoking, shouting and sleeping inside the library are strictly forbidden. The following table shows the maximum number of books that may issue to various categories of borrowers. The table also indicates the periods of retention off library books by different categories of borrowers.





No. of Books





















Categories of Borrowers

No. of Books

Time Period


Member of the teaching staff


1 Month


Ministerial staff

Demonstrations, Librarian, P.E.T.




15 days


Students (H.S.)


15 days


Honours Students


15 days




15 days



A book once issued to a borrower may be reissued to her/him only if nobody wants to take the book.

Book before issue should be presented to the librarian for necessary entries in the register.

Books for reference, text book, current issue of periodicals, courses of studies and rare book shall not be issued out of the library without special permission of the Principal.

Members of the staff may borrow books form the library acknowledging the receipt off books) on a Loan register. Students are to borrow books on Library card issued to them.

Any book lost, damaged or defaced must be replaced by the borrower. If a book forms part a set or of series and the volumes cannot be obtained singly, the whole set of series must be replace at the reader’s cost. Should the books be rare and irreplaceable, the borrower must pay an amount up to a maximum of ten times of the catalogue price of the book.

In case the prices of lost books are not ascertained, the borrower should pay compensation of an amount fixed by the Principal.

Borrower is supposed to have read the library rules and abide by them.

  • The students borrower are subject to all the rules mentioned above.
  • No one should enter the library room without the permission of the librarian.
  • No one should enter the library room with personal books.
  • Perfect silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Library books should be returned within a fortnight failing which a fine of 50 paisa per day per book would be relised subject to a maximum limit of one rupee from the student in whose name the book is issued.
  • (a) Text books will not be issued to students

(b) Reference books will be issued on call slip for consulation in the library.

  • Ordinarily no books will be reissued.
  • Magazines and reference books should not be taken out of the library and be returned on the very day of issue. Fines will be imposed otherwise.
  • Ordinarily one book or journals is issued to every student for the reading room on a call slip. The librarian may issue more than one book if he/she thinks necessary. All such books and journals must be returned to the librarian at least 15 minutes before the library closes for the day. If a student fails to return the book or journals a fine of 50 paisa per day will be imposed on him/ her.
  • A student who wants to take or return books must present library card to the librarian.
  • If the library card is lost, another card will be issued on application and on payment of 5 Rupees.
  • Ordinarily no student will be allowed to keep the library books with his/her during the puja holidays and summer vacation.

Slip containing the catalogue numbers according to subjects, section & subsection of the books will be issued daily at the library counter. Books will be issued from 2nd to 4th period.

  • College establishes a book bank in each department with books as prescribed in CBCS syllabus so that at-least one book per semester can be issued to each student for entire semester.


  • The text book lending library has been started in the college to lend text books to the poor and deserving students. It is partially funded by the U.G.C
  • The borrower can take the book paying one tenth of the price.

At the beginning of the academic session a notice will be given inviting applications from the intending borrowers.

  • The borrowers shall have to return the books before filling up forms for the books soon after the annual examination of the college is over. If a student wants to keep the book for another session, he/she has to reborrow the book after paying one tenth price of the book.
  • There is a Departmental Seminar Library for every department having honours subject.
  • The books are issued to the honours students by the officers-in-charge of department having  honours subject.
  • Students will have to produce clearance certificate from seminar I/Cat the time of form fill up.
  • The Depts. organise seminars in each month.

The HOD nominates a secy. and Asst. Secy from F.D. and 2nd yr study respectively.