Youth Red Cross




Red Cross was born from the battle of Solferino. It is an international oranisation. Its motto is to inclucate health, service, and friendship among people irrespective of caste, creed and geographical bounderies. It has 7 fundamental principles i.e. humanity, impartiality, neutrality, voluntary service, unity and universality. A unit of youth Red Cross organized communal harmony in the month of November distributing stickers to the students. This unit observed AIDS day on December 2022. Signature campaign was made and a mass procession went on to cover the Bani town in Collaboration with N.S.S. volunteers and N.C.C. cadets. Hearts touching slogans were given to create awerness about the terrible AIDS. After returning from the procession, a meeting was held and the principal, the local doctor and other distinguished persons delivered their talks on AIDS and how prevention is better than cure. The YRC volunteers organized a pinic on New Year's Day in the nearby temple called Brahmei. The Republic Day was also celebrated as usual by going to the parade ground and providing drinking water to the cadets and other students gathered over there. They also participated in the monoaction competition and spread Red Cross message there. The YRC unit of this college contacted with the state Branch and got permission to conduct Cuttack District level Study -cum- Training Camp in Banki College. The District level camp was held for three days where 18 colleges of Cuttack district participated.

Various training like fire Safety, firefighting, road safety, leadership and volunteerism, first aid and other competitions were conducted among the students for their good exposure to YRC related work. Resource persons had been invited from the important areas to appraise the students. Dr. Mangala Prasad Mohanty (Hon'ble Secretary, Youth Red Cross Officer, Odisha State Branch) Dr. Sarita Supakar (Youth Red Cross Officer, Odisha State Branch) inaugurated the camp and graced the occasion as Cheif Guest and Cheif Speaker respectively. Dr. Rama Chandra Rout (AD.M.O, Puri District Medical) graced the valedicory function as Chief Guest and told many many important aspects of First Aid. The three day study-cum training camp was a grand sucess as the volunteers wilingly participated in the programme that commenced from 09/02/2023 to 11/02/2023.

The YRC activities for the session 2022-23 is really noteworthy. Volunteers were enrolled in the month of July and new volunteers were trained regarding the history and movements of Red Cross for fifteen days. The campus was swept clear by the volunteers on 1st August to celebrate the Independence Day. They participated in singing National Anthem after flag hoisting . All volunteers went to the sub divisional level parade field to provide the cadets and other students with drinking water and participated in the cultural programme related to AIDS. During the time of Banki Mahostava i.e. Sub divisional level Banki Festival, our volunteers maintained discipline there for five days and guided the common people regarding various cultural heritage of Banki.




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