Capt. Bhabani Prasad Hota

It is a proud moment for me to welcome you to our college website. I expect you will find it informative and useful.

Welcome to Banki College, Autonomous

Banki College founded in 1961 is a premier semi-urban based educational institute of Odisha. For the last 57 years, it has been known for dedicated teaching and disciplined students. Purified by the river Mahanadi and blessed with Maa Charchika’s grace, the environment represents tranquility, natural beauty and calmness. This spirit inspires faculty and administration of the college, with diverse backgrounds; unite to translate the dreams and goals of this college in an atmosphere of warmth, care and togetherness.

The college which came into being in 1961 has played a leading and innovative role in furthering the cause of higher education in the state. Right from the trying but pioneering early days of 1960s this tiny fledgling dedicately had taken up the mighty task of education against all possible odds and has been in the forefront of educational advance since then.